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And buy this as a print to support Michael Morones and his family. 
As I mentioned before I have a ton of finished costumes I need to upload pictures of as well as costumes that are nearly finished, and costumes that are still just ideas on paper. 

Finished/Need Pictures
  1. Rainbow Dash
  2. Twilight Sparkle
  3. Applejack
  4. Trixie
  5. Lady Rainicorn
  6. Updated Pinkie Pie (New Wig) 
  7. Updated Rarity (Mostly just want to take new pictures of Rarity, the changes are pretty minor)
  8. Lyra Heartstrings
  1. Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess) 
  2. Squirtle
Scrapped: Reign of Gunters Princess Bubblegum. I love the outfit, but I have other costumes I'd rather work on. Considering scrapping Squirtle as well, or at least putting it on the back burner

Ideas for the Future
  1. Gender-swapped King Sombra 
  2. Nia (Guerran Lagan. Super future here, I won't be starting this costume for a while) 
  3. Octavia
  4. Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie
  5. Princess Cadance Wedding Dress 
  6. Foal-sitter Princess Cadance
  7. Megara from Hercules
  8. "Bandit Snow" from Once Upon a Time, but only if I get a wig I want for Sombra

So I've finished a large number of cosplays that were on my list to do. The photo shoot was reduced for time constraint reasons. Sunset Shimmer was added to the photo shoot in place of my Princess Cadance. 
Plans I have for other cosplays that I don't yet have pictures of or are not finished are as follows: 

  • Rainbow Dash (I'm planning to do a cosplay for each of the mane 6) (finished) 
  • Twilight Sparkle " "(finished, sister has wig) 
  • Applejack (finished) 
  • Lady Rainicorn (Mostly finished, just need to figure out what bottoms I'm wearing. I have a lovely Rainbow top and blonde wig already) 
  • "Reign of Gunters" Princess Bubblegum (not finished)
  • Princess Zelda, Twilight Princess (I need to make a few of the details, like her armor) 
Unfinished Costumes With Pictures
  • Squirtle
  • Sunset Shimmer (those damn boots...) 
Finished Costumes that Need Pictures
  • Trixie
Costumes I haven't worn yet
  • Jessie**
  • Sunset Shimmer*
  • Diamond Tiara*
  • Apple Bloom (may not wear to a con) 
  • RD, FS, AJ, and TS (may not wear these to a con, these were more just for personal satisfaction) 
  • Lady Rainicorn
  • Reign of Gunters PB
  • Cake the Cat*
  •  Squirtle Squad Squirtle* 
*Has a costume that goes with it that my sister is wearing. 
**Has a costume with it that my boyfriend is wearing
Just introducing myself here. 
I'm an amateur "thrift shop" cosplayer. I just like playing grown up dress up for the most part, the b*tch fest that is often the cosplay community is not what you'll find here. 
I like interepreting and mimicking characters to the best of my ability. I cosplay from things I like, have watched/read, and characters I find interesting (usually). My favorite sources of cosplay are My Little Pony, Adventure Time (no pictures yet), and other american cartoons though I've done cosplays and planned cosplays from other sources as well. 
I got started by being obsessed with Halloween and costumes, and by being introduced to friends who attend conventions and the like. I'm not a *huge* anime fan, though I like a few. I often cosplay with my sister or just simply coordinate our costumes to somewhat go together, and also sometimes cosplay with my boyfriend (yes, I'm taken, and very very happy, sorry ;)

I don't have a lot of confidence in the quality of my costumes since I have no skills with a sewing machine what-so-ever (they break when I look at them) and rely on my thrifting know-how and my sister's and my mother's sewing ability to put together my costumes, another reason I hesitate when it comes to the cosplay community. I've never made anything from scratch, being inept with a sewing machine as previously mentioned, but I can tell you how I put together ever single costume I've worn. 

Expect to see pictures soon of: 
Pokemon X/Y female trainer (worn to Dragon Con) 
Trixie (finished version, Dragon Con) 
Panty (finished verison, Dragon Con) 
Princess Bubblegum What Was Missing (Dragon Con) 
Apple Bloom (not yet worn)
Blossom (Powerpuff Girls, not yet worn) 

Hopefully I'll get a picture of "scientist" Princess Bubblegum (worn to Animazement 2013) and better pictures of Vanellope. I somehow made it out of that con with only one picture, the other pictures of costumes I wore there (Cadance, Mabel)  were all taken pre or post con

Costumes I'm working on not yet pictured: 
Sunset Shimmer, My Little Pony Equestria Girls
Cake the Cat, Adventure Time
Diamond Tiara, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Princess Bubble Gum Reign of Gunters outfit, Adventure Time